Mr. Roger Chew has always focused on differentiating himself from competitors firstly through technology, and now sustainability.

In 2015, Roger collaborated with A*Star to implement RFID tags and phase change materials. He was able to obtain partial funding from a Productivity Solutions Grant at the time. Using these technologies to pitch against some larger competitors, SFS Logistics was able to win a large pharmaceutical contract. His pursuit of digitalisation and efficiency maximisation has led him to also recognise sustainability as a by-product of these efforts. Added on with the increasing pressure on sustainability from customers, Roger decided to make key sustainability investments, such as purchasing electric vehicles, renting a building with solar rooftop, and using alternative cooling materials to reduce emissions. Although Roger noted that recouping the cost of the technologies for sustainability may take a long time, he feels that given that everyone will head in that direction eventually. It is therefore important for him to be a leader and secure market share. He has attributed his sustainability investments as a ‘secret weapon’ behind many of the contracts successfully awarded to SFS.